Past Shows

Our Greely Players Archive includes everyone who's been a part of our past productions - cast, orchestra members, and production crew. So far there are over 1000 people in our archives, and over 600 photos from past shows!

Thanks goes to the many people who contributed photos to this archive. Special thanks to Phill Potter Photography for several of the formal cast photos, and to Izabel Dabrowski who has contributed many of the actual show photos from our final show rehearsals.

Shows - view a list of all our past productions. Link from there to the participants and photos from the shows.

People - view an alphabetical list of all participants in past Greely Players shows.

Cabaret - we've staged a few cabaret evening over the years. Here's some photos from a few of them.

Help Us Out

If you are a past participant, we'd like your help! If you'd like to send us a newer or better "headshot" photo, we'll add it to your Bio webpage. If you'd like to add a short "bio", we can add that as well. The names and roles have been transcribed from all the old programmes. There's a variety of spellings for some of the names, and we're not always sure which is the correct one! Please let us know if your name is incorrectly spelt. (like "Mary-Jane" vs "Mary Jane", or "Kate" vs "Katie" vs "Kathleen") Any other comments, suggestions, etc. are always welcome.

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